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    Humans are natures’ best creation and understanding their psyche and exploring various facets and nuances about human behavior is one of the most wonderful and engaging journeys taken under the discipline of Psychology. As various media indicates that knowledge and application of Psychology and its principles is the need of hour. From academic performance to mob mentality and making sense of social fabric to understanding work behavior, Psychology helps in unraveling the underlying issues and suggesting possible solutions. As the name suggests, it is a window to an inner world, which enriches the experience of the outer world. With its very innovative and indigenous means of learning, it helps students evolve better as an individual, student, professional and of course a better human being as well. The subjects taught in the past have helped in imparting knowledge to the students in the fields of “Human Communication”, “Women, Science and Society”, “Organizational Behavior”, “Principles and Functions of Management” and “Integrating, Mind, Body and Heart”. These subjects prepared our students for the ever-evolving world of communication and human development and carving a professional niche for themselves and also have helped the alumni to score highly at the management tests and perform impressively in their careers. The course curriculum is taught with the help of lectures, group discussions, experiential exercises, group projects, presentations, workshops and seminars. The unique course structure would help not only in academic excellence but also prepare students for vocational expertise that will further enhance one’s employability.

    Faculty Details of Human Communication

    Sno. Name Degree Specialization
    1. Dr. Madhulika Bajpai
    Ph.D. Psychology