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    ‘Mathematics rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty’- Bertrand Russel Mathematics is one of the most fundamental and basic courses whose knowledge is indispensable in almost every field. It is a fundamental part of human thought and logic, and integral to attempts at understanding the world and ourselves. Mathematical knowledge plays a crucial role in understanding other fields such as science, social science, and even music and art. Industry managers, engineers, and scientists require a personal repertory of mathematical tools to find solutions to a variety of work problems which are related to processing, research, analysis, and other operations that require mathematical solutions.

    Mathematical methods are integral to the study of any field of science be it Physics, Computer Science, Electronics or Instrumentation. Progress in biomedical research increasingly requires mathematical and computational approaches. Scientists experienced at working at the interface of biology, mathematics and computation are greatly needed in this field. Polymer science has provided us with a diverse host of new materials, thereby enhancing technological advancement. The theoretical description of the properties of polymers has involved the use of a wide range of mathematical science techniques. The role of mathematics in food technology and microbiology is also immense. As an example, food processes, problems related to bacterial growth in food and other areas of predictive microbiology are studied using mathematical modelling techniques.

    Thus, mathematics not only helps understand other courses, it also prepares the students for today’s ever evolving world of competition and carve a professional niche for them.

    The Department of Mathematics offers General Elective papers in mathematics to all courses of the college. The Department room is equipped with desktop along with printer and scanner to aid teaching.

    For more details regarding syllabus and scheme please refer to:

    Mathematics papers for students of B.Sc. (H)B.A. (H) & othe than B.SC. (H) Mathematics

    Sno. Name Qualification Specialization
    1. Dr. Ragini Jindal (Teacher-in-charge) Ph.D Applied Mechanics
    2. Dr. Neeru Sharma Ph.D Functional Analysis
    3. Mr. Sanyam Gupta M.Sc.