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    Instrumentation is a specialized field which deals with the science and technology of measurement that service not only physical, chemical and biological science; but also all branches of engineering and medicine. Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Science is the only co-educational college in the University of Delhi, offering a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) course in Instrumentation. College has a specialized Instrumentation Laboratory which provides practical expertise to the students and trains them to design, develop, maintain and trouble-shoot instruments that are being used in varied fields like Automation and Control, Process Industries, Medicine, Quality Control etc. The Laboratory is equipped with state of the art instruments like NI ELVIS-II Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite supported by LabVIEW full development system and NI USB Data Acquisition Card, to help students interface and integrate real time signals and data. It also has Multisim software to simulate electronic circuits and designs. The laboratory also acquaints students with devices used in Process and Control industries like ratio control trainer, differential pressure transmitter, circular chart recorder, dead weight tester, various flowmeters such as electromagnetic, orifice meter, ultrasonic etc. It also has advanced transducer and instrumentation trainer, temperature transducers, LVDT and strain gauge trainer, speed control of DC motor etc. Students learn to design and develop small projects on high performance microcontroller and microprocessor kits which are provided with interfacing modules like Temperature Controller, Keyboard, Elevator Simulator Interface, Stepper Motor, LCD etc. The Instrumentation Laboratory also boosts of training students in sophisticated biomedical and analytical Instruments like Plant Growth Chamber, Microprocessors based UV-Vis spectrophotometer, 3 to 6 Channel Electrocardiograph, Heart Rate Monitor cum ECG trainer, Respiration Rate Monitor etc. Objectives To substantially enhance the knowledge and problem solving skills of students in the field of Instrumentation.

    Faculty Details of Instrumentation

    Sno. Name Degree Specialization
    1. Dr. Geeta Bhatt
    (teacher in-charge)
    Ph.D. Semiconductor Thin Films
    2. Manoj Kumar M.Sc. Electronics
    3. Mr. Pawan Kumar M.Sc. Electronics
    4. Ms. Shweta Dua M.Sc. Bioelectronics & Instrumentation
    5. Dr. Anil Kumar Ph.D. Electronics, Integrated Optics
    6. Dr. Amandeep Kaur Ph.D.
    7. Mr. Rakesh M.Sc. Electronics
    8. Gurkiran Kaur Electronic Instrumentation & Control