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    Microbiology is one of the most dynamic areas of biological science as microbes are evolutionary and ecological pioneers and have immense socio-economic importance in our day to day life. These miniscule organisms play an indispensable and vital role in research in all areas of basic and applied science. It is an exceptionally broad discipline encompassing and integrating areas as diverse as Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Environment, Agriculture, Taxonomy, Bioinformatics, and Biotechnology. The Department of Microbiology at BCAS has well equipped and furnished laboratories to provide hands-on-training to undergraduate students. Various instruments and equipments such as laminar air flow, incubators, microscopes, thermal cycler, gel documentation system, weighing balance, image projection system, LCD projector etc available in the Department. The faculty members of the Department are actively involved in various DU innovation projects. In this academic year, four innovation projects are running in the Department. The Department is also receiving grants from Star College scheme of DBT.

    Faculty Details of Microbiology

    Sno. Name Degree Specialization
    1. Dr. Vijay Kumar Nalla (Teacher-in-charge) Ph.D. Molecular Biology
    2. Dr. Purnima Anand Ph.D. Environmental Microbiology
    3. Dr. Ruchi Gulati Marwah Ph.D. Industrial Microbiology
    4. Dr. Pawas Goswami Ph.D. Dairy Microbiology
    5. Dr. Neha Bansal Ph.D. Molecular Biology
    6. Dr. Ratyakshi Ph.D. Biotechnology and Nanotechnology
    7. Dr. Indra Mani Ph.D. Microbiology and Molecular Biology.
    8. Dr Arpita Vats Ph.D. Environmental Microbiology, biotechnology.