Notice :

1.   Interview Notice for Assistant Professor- Department of Physics on Adhoc basis

2.   Interview Notice for Assistant Professor- Department of English on Adhoc basis

3.   MTS Laboratory Notice

4.   Adhoc interview in Dept. of Physics

5.   Walk in Interviews for the post of Assistant Professor - on adhoc basis

6.   Walk-in-Interviews for Assistant Professor - Microbiology Department on adhoc basis

7.  Advisory Notice for Students

8.  Notice regarding admit cards

9.  Theory exam datesheet

10.  â€œPractical exam datesheet

11.  Central Sector Schemes

12.  Notice- Admit Cards

13.  Application Form for the post of Vice Principal

14.  Notice regarding appointment of Vice Principal

15.  Schedule of Practical Exams and Date-sheet of Theory Exams- Nov. 2017

16.  Adhoc Interview Notice - English

17.  Time Table Odd Semester 2017-18

18.  BSA Election Result

19.  Voter List for DUSU and BSA Election

20.  Notice Regarding Election

21.  Proforma for Gate Pass

22.  Delhi High Court Order

23.  Notice to Candidates

24.  BSA Elections Ballot Numbers

25.  Documents Regarding BSA Election

26.  Final list of Candidates for BSA

27.  Notice Regarding BSA Election

28.  List of duly Nominated Candidates

29.  Student Election (calculation of % Notice)

30.  Notice for Student Election and schedule of election

31.  Student Election Nomination Form

32.  Student Election Schedule

33.  BSA Constitution

34.  ECA Planner 2017

35.  6th Merit List of Ward Quota

36.  Notice for 1st year students regarding pending documents

37.  5th Merit List- Ward Quota

38.  Adhoc Interview Notice - English

39.  4th Merit List for Ward Quota

40.  Adhoc Interview Notice - English

41.  Student Roll Number List (revised) course wise

42.  3rd Merit List for Ward Quota

43.  Adhoc Interview Notice - English

44.  2nd Merit List of Ward Quota

45.  Adhoc Interview Notice

46.  ECA Second Merit List

47.  Sports Second Merit List

48.  Interview for DPE

49.  Orientation Day Notice

50.  Sports Registration - 2nd Notice

51.  Notice for Ward Quota Admissions 2017-18

52.  ECA 2nd Registration Notice

53.  Sports admission Notice 2017-18 and format of undertaking

54.  Walk-in-Interviews for Adhoc appointments notice dated 15/07/2017

55.  ECA Admission List

56.  Format of Undertaking for admission under ECA or Sports Quota

57.  Corrigendum- for the Walk-in-interviews for the Adhoc appointment of Assistant Professor(s) Notice dated 10/07/2017

58.  Notice regarding Admission under Ward Quota

59.  Adhoc Interview Notice for the appointment of Assistant Professors in different departments

60.  Vacant Position for Project Assistant

61.  Open House Session Notification

62.  Skill Development Workshop

63.  20th Annual Day & Prize Distribution Function

64.  Placement Drive

65.  Ad-hoc Interview notice For Department of English

66.  Ad-hoc Interview notice For Department of Physics

67.  Ad-hoc Interview notice For Department of Computer Science

68.  Ad-hoc Interview For Department of Electronics And Food Technology

69.  Notice Regarding Internal Assessment

70.  Internal Assessment Marks

71.  Notice regarding calculation of Income Tax for the year 2016-17

72.  Revised Examination Fee Notice

73.  Corrigendum for Canteen Tender

74.  Intellectual Property Rights Workshop Poster

75.  Election Instructions

76.  ID Card for DUSU Election

77.  Use of EVM for DUSU Election 2016-2017

78.  Students Election-2016 Code of Conduct

79.  Student Election Canvassing

80.  January-April 2016, Attendance of Students

81.  Student Union Election 2016-2017

82.  NSS Enrollment Form

83.  Notice for student profile for placement brochure

84.  Word Template of student profiles for placement brochure

85.  Submission of students' profile (BTech and BSc 4th Semester) for placement brochure

86.  Color Therapy Poster For All, Sem: General

87.  Internal Complaint Committee For All, Sem: General

88.  Antiragging Instructions and Notices For All, Sem: General

89.  Zero tolerance to ragging - English and Hindi For All, Sem: General

90.  Anti ragging Helpline Numbers For All, Sem: General

91.  Instructions Anti Ragging For All, Sem: General

92.  Holi Notice For All, Sem: General

93.  Holi Poster For All, Sem: General

94.  Holi Guidelines For All, Sem: General

95.  NSS Notice - Special Camp For All, Sem: General

96.  Sports Day For All, Sem: General

97.  Sarasvati Pooja Flyer For All, Sem: General

98.  Referendum Notice and Result For All, Sem: General

99.  Referendum Electoral Student List For All, Sem: General

100.  Referendum Notice For All, Sem: General

101.  Time Table w.e.f. 4th Jan 2016 For All, Sem: General

102.  Urgent Notice - WUS Medical Scheme For All, Sem: General

103.  Adhoc Appointments in Deptt of Electronics and Dep. For All, Sem: General

104.  List of holidays 2016 For All, Sem: General